Finding hope when there is none

Like many graduates, I am trying to put my life together. I’m trying to make sense of my accomplishments, my failures, my friends, my life, my meaning. And sadly, I still have not. But, I know my future is still bright. I have so much to look forward to in my future. I have so many opportunities and  dreams to achieve.IMG_1666

Right now, I am a little stressed out about my future. I do not have a stable one, nothing concrete. However, I am starting to remind myself that I have too many opportunities available to worry about the future. It took another art class with the ladies of New Friends New Life. After painting with the ladies of New Friends New Life, I learned that I can’t complain about anything. My life is too perfect.

Lately, I have not worried as much about my future as I used to worry about my future. I met a young woman in one of the art classes. She like myself was trying to find a job. However, our situations were completely opposite. She had ex-felony, and I had a “major” issue. She was not the only woman with a record and job related issue. But, all of the women were dealing with this same issue.

IMG_1663One woman was trying to get a job in construction. However, her confidence was lacking because of her past occupation as a prostitute. She had been a prostitute since her late teens. This had an affect on her relationship with her mother. She said she never had a great relationship with her mother. She said she was a Woodstock baby—a baby without a stable upbringing.

After she made that statement, I began to question how God placed certain people. For example, why does God bless some of us with a picture perfect family and others without? If God is truly a God of equal opportunities, then why does he not distribute blessings equally? Or does he, and we are too blinded by perfection to notice…

Another woman said she was unable to find a job because she of her record and learning disorder. She even said she was considering going back into the business because it was easy and fast money. Once she said that, another woman verbally attacked her saying, “ don’t ever called the streets easy because that is why my life is hard today. It is hard for me to find a job, be seen as a trustworthy person, and provide for my children. That life f***** up my life today. That’s not an easy life. And don’t get me started on rape.”

At that moment, I had to admit she was telling the truth. That life is not easy. However, would she have known that if she had not experienced it? I do not think so. Sometimes God uses our experiences to harvest and recycle wisdom. What that woman had said was so simple and real. It was also the truth, and she was trying to help another woman realize it.

The women enjoyed the painting class. I do not believe they wanted to leave. They wanted to continue painting. The same woman who wanted to go back into the industry said she wanted to paint more, and maybe even make it into a career. She was a great painter;) The ladies of New Friends New Life created the artwork on this blog entry.

I am blessed not just for my own personal happiness, but also to honor God and bless other people.


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