The Beauty of a Thank You Card

All of this happened on May 10, 2014

IMG_0097The goal for today is to make “Thank You” cards for the women we love.

This is my first Art Healing class and it was held on the day before Mother’s Day. Most individuals look forward to this day. They go all out trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day card and the nicest restaurant to take their mother out to. Mother’s Day is the most celebrated non-religious holiday in America. One this day, Individuals take out the time to honor their mother. However, that was not the case for the women I worked with.

Many of them hated their mother. And some will agree they had a reason to hate their mother. Most of the women I worked with had negative experiences with their mother. Some of the women opened up about their negative experiences with their mothers. One woman said her mother put her out of the house at the age of 16. From then she got on the streets, and there she stayed on the streets. Another woman said her mother never told her she was beautiful. Once she got older, she made it her duty to search for someone who found her beautiful. She found her beauty in some of the worst places, like in a pimp’s arms.

In contrast, my experience working with the ladies was not a “lets talk about my problems” day. In fact, it was fun and happy. I met some pretty artistic and passionate women. Once we put out the art supplies, the ladies went crazy in a good way. They started grabbing paper and prints from here and there. They even asked me to help them brainstorm ideas.

They experimented with words and played with textures. They admired color. They all made something that they were truly proud of. One of the women made the cutest card. She found an image of a caterpillar and made it into a children’s storybook card, which featured The Very Hungry CaterIMG_0104pillar and Where the Wild Things Are? She said she was going to give it the children she worked with. I later found out she was a painter.

Another woman made an absolutely beautiful card. She immerged shimmer, color, and varies textures onto her card. She gave hers to one of the staff members at New Friends New Life. Most of the women gave their cards to staff members of New Friends New Life. Most of the women feel New Friends New Life is IMG_0105their family, and the staff members were their mothers.

New Friends New Life has done a brilliant job creating an intimate atmosphere for the ladies to flourish in. I feel the staff members have a genuine relationship with the women. These relationships will help the ladies in so many ways.


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