Art Healing Spoken Word Event

arthealingOn January 30, 2015, the Art Healing Spoken Word event took place at Union Cafe.  10% of the proceeds went to the organization I worked with. Those organizations are New Friends New Life and Mosaic. I showcased the artwork created by ladies of New Friends New Life and Mosaic to the general public while Mike Guinn (Chief executive officer at Fort Worth Poetry Slam) emceed the spoken word event. Mike Guinn did an amazing job recruiting varies spoken word artists from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. He had La Bell ( musician for the night), Viola Viki Blocker, Barbara Audacity Johnson, Mariah Fox (Southern Methodist University President of Surround Sound), and other artists from the audience. I wanted some of the women to speak. However, that was impossible because I had to respect their privacy. However, many of the women wanted to attend the event. However, the organization was unable to let them attend the event due the curfew.

The goal for this event was to raise awareness about human trafficking and humanize the victims of human trafficking. I wanted the audience to have the chance to connect with the women by viewing their art. I wanted them to know that a victim of a malicious crime created the artwork they were viewing. I wanted them to have the opportunity knowIMG_1641 that someone like themselves was living in pain. I wanted them to know that people like themselves were victims of human trafficking. And  I believe that goal was accomplish. There was a great turnout. I saw many familiar faces from around campus and many people from the community came to support. There was also a large number of individuals contacting me to see when the next Art Healing Spoken Word event would take place

At first I thought this was going to be a one time event. Now,  I am considering making this event an annual;)IMG_1636



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