Art made by the women of La Sala

In January 2015, I went to Costa Rica with the Embrey Human Rights Program la salaStudent Leadership Initiative. During this trip, we visited many non-profits, NGOs, and governmental human rights organizations. On one of our stops, we met with an organization that worked with victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. That organization was La Sala.  La Sala’s goal was much different from the goal of New Friends New Life and Mosaic. Instead of tying to get women off the street.They were trying to legalize prostitution and empower the women who were working as prostitution.  IMG_1244

One of the ways they chose to empower the women was through art. They used art to empower the women by making embrace their sexuality. They used condoms to make undergarment. They painted picture of prostitutes. They wrote poetry. I have a great deal of admiration for the ladies of La Sala because they did not ignore the beauty of sexuality. They embraced it. I am not fully supportive of women going into prostitution, and I find it sad that most of these women have to because of gender inequality. But, I fully support sexual empowerment, especially when one is using art to capture it.



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