This happened on July 29, 2014.

Today I met with the ladies of Mosaic to do origami. I woman told me she wanted to learn how to do origami in a previous art class. This was an interesting request because I do not know anything about origami. So I decided to find an origami “How to do Book “at Barnes and Nobles. And I did find one, and we did use it.

This was my second time working with the women of Mosaic. I only know two of the women in today’s class. Those two women attended a Wednesday night Bible study with New Friends New Life.  Three adult women and a young girl participated in the art project. One of the ladies was American, another was Russian, and the last lady was from India. The young girl was from Africa. I can tell the Russian woman and the American woman knew each before they came to the shelter because they shared their past experience prostituting with me.

The woman from India was very beautiful because I saw their great deal of optimist in her spirit. She was ready to experience God’s promise. She talked about how much she enjoyed spending time outside talking to nature. She did not mention anything negative about…

The origami project was very hard. It took us the longest to complete the simplest project. At first we wanted to make three animals, a giraffe, dog, and bear. We only completed the dog. However, it  was fun helping each other and making fond of each others origami;) IMG_0247


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