This is more than a project, this is a movement

At first, I thought I was going to leave this project at school. Now, I see that I cannot do that. I learned something so profound, and that is people can create things. They make things out of nothing. In fact, they make beautiful things. And I want to show the world those beautiful things. I even want to search and capture those beautiful things. I  want to help people make those beautiful things. That is why I want to continue this project working the women of Mosaic and New Friends New Life.

But, I do not want to stop there. I want to go further into this thing called Artivism. My goal is to capture art at its finest. That is through healing, raising awareness, being political, and as a form of expression.

All of these painting are hung at the Mosaic shelter. I am very happy that Mosaic is starting a collection of art that I did with the women on the walls of their shelter;)

IMG_1544 IMG_1545IMG_1540IMG_1542IMG_1543


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